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Springbank millennium miniature set

To celebrate the auction of the complete Springbank Millennium collection, we are offering the successful bidder of all six bottles listed in the September auction a complimentary Springbank Millennium miniature set of six 50ml bottles.

This miniature set was originally offered for free to those who successfully purchased all six bottles during the completion of this series. Once all six bottles were obtained and with proof supplied, the distillery gifted this miniature set to the owner.

There were only 580 miniature sets produced, one for each of the set of six bottles that were sold.

Today, the vast majority of these sets that remain have suffered from varying levels of evaporation, as pictured below.


One Springbank Millennium Release miniature set comprised of a 50ml bottle each of the 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 year old is supplied as-is, in the condition pictured.

The miniature set pictured will be offered at no cost to the bidder who successfully purchases all six of the full-size (700ml) bottles listed in the September 2023 auction. Payment in full for all six lots and associated fees is required before the miniature set is provided.

Due to the nature of second-hand goods and the condition of the seals, we recommend that this set is not shipped. Whisky Galore Auctions takes no responsibility for loss or damage incurred if this set is shipped.