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Register your account

Registering an account will give you lifetime access to bid in our Whisky Galore Auctions. Registration carries a once off cost of $10 to authenticate users and mitigate against illegitimate bidding.

Bid online

To bid on a lot in a live auction, you need to be registered.

Having registered you will be able to begin bidding. Once you are looking at the lot you wish to bid on, there are two ways of using the ‘place bid’ function.

All lots have auto-bid enabled, meaning that you can simply type in your maximum bid and having done that the system will automatically bid (in the minimum available increment) whenever you are outbid, up until your maximum. You can always increase your maximum manually should you wish.

To place a single bid manually you can simply increase the current bid by the minimum increment (minimum next bid is noted directly under the ‘place bid’ button).

Bidding is done in increments of $5.

*In order to bid over $2,000 in our auctions, we may require verification of your account.

How does the auction end?

Each lot has a specified time at which it closes for bidding, the highest bidder at that moment will be the winner.

Process your order and pay

If you have successfully won a lot, we will notify you automatically by email. Subsequently we will send through second email detailing your order and fees payable, you can then select the shipping option you prefer.
Follow the link in your email and the on-screen instructions to process your order.

How to collect your order

Should you wish to collect rather than ship your order, you’ll need to let us know to expect you. When you receive your invoice enter a Christchurch address, then select the ‘click and collect’ shipping option. Once you have paid your fees and the cost of your lot we will notify you that your whisky is ready to collect.