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Sell your whisky

Contact Whisky Galore Auctions

The first step to take is to let us know what you’re interested in selling!
The simplest way to do so is via our ‘Sell’ form, this can be submitted here on the website, printed and posted, or scanned and emailed to us.
Whichever method you choose it is critical that you provide high quality photographs of your bottle(s)
By submitting the form you are not committing to selling, nor we to auctioning your bottle.
You may wish to obtain a valuation before deciding to sell, we can provide a valuation at a cost of $20.

Photographs and descriptions

We use the photographs and details you provide to assess whether to include your whisky in one of our auctions, so there are a few things to bear in mind:

It is best to provide three photographs; one straight on from the front, one from the back, and one of the seal, cork, or cap of the bottle. Be sure that your photographs show the volume, and alcoholic strength, these are critical for dating a bottle.
Make sure that you take the pictures in a good light, and showing the ‘neck fill’ of the bottle(s) the neck fill is a critical element, as it strongly affects the value of a bottle.

As a rule the provenance of a bottle is not easily proved, but should you have any addition documents or evidence we would always be happy to see it.

Consigning your bottle(s)

Once we have assessed your bottle(s) we will be in touch to confirm that we are willing to list them.
We will let you know the date of the auction we intend to list them.

You will need to get the bottle(s) to us three weeks before the auction commences as we will need to photograph and process it for inclusion in the auction.

At this point there are a two things for you to decide:
-Do you wish to obtain a valuation? (this costs $10, but can provide a basis for your decision to list and the reserve you set)
-Do you wish to place a reserve? (this costs $20, but allows you to set a minimum price you’re willing to accept)
-How will you get the bottle to us safely?

Await the results!

Once we have received, photographed and processed your bottle there’s nothing left to do but await the auction date.
Our online auctions last for a full week, and are open to buyers worldwide.

When the auction concludes one of two things will happen:

If your lot has sold we will be in touch to confirm this, and you only have to wait for the buyer to pay. Once that is done, we will make a payment to you within 30 days.
The amount paid will the the hammer price, less our commission and any fees.

Should your lot not sell, we will be in touch, you will be given the following options:
-Re-list your lot, at a fee of $10
-Take possession of your lot
-If your lot has not reached reserve, but there have been bids, it can be offered to the highest bidder.