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Buyer’s fees explained

As the buyer you pay the hammer price + comission fee of 12.5%, with GST payable only on the comission. You do not pay GST on the hammer price.

Below is an example of a lot that sells for $125:

Hammer price = $125
Buyers fee on hammer price 12.5% = $15.63
GST on buyers fee = $2.34
TOTAL: $142.97

These fees do not include any insurance or freight which are calculated separately as required.

Seller’s fees explained

As the vendor of a sale you are paid the hammer price, minus the commission fee of 7.5%, with GST payable on the auction related fees.

There is a listing fee per lot of $20, and if a reserve is requested, this is $20 in addition.

Below is an example for a lot that sells for $125:
Hammer price = $125
Lot fee = $20
Sellers commission of 7.5% = $9.37
GST on commission = $1.40
TOTAL payout: $94.23

Sellers: my bottle sold, what now?

When your bottle sells, WGA will invoice the purchaser, and once the hammer price and buyer’s fees have been paid, we will pay you the hammer price, minus seller commission and any other fees incurred.

Sellers: my bottle did not sell, what now?

Sometimes lots do not sell, this can happen for a variety of reasons; the most common being that the reserve was not met. There are three options: Re-list in our next auction, re-listing costs $10. Offer your bottle to the highest bidder in the concluded auction. Have your bottle returned to you. Please note that you will still need to pay all seller fees and shipping costs.

Buyers: I won a lot/auction

If you are the leading bidder when the auction concludes, and the reserve has been met, you will automatically receive a confirmation. Following that, we will be in touch via email to provide a secure link for payment, and to arrange shipping.

Sellers: How do I get my bottle to you?

Once we have agreed to consign your bottle to a Whisky Galore Auction we need to receive and photograph it at least 2 weeks in advance of the auction date. Late deliveries may not be included in the auction.

You can of course bring your bottle to us in person, or send it to us via courier. If you wish to drop your bottle off in person, we ask that you get in touch in advance so as our experts are on hand to guide you through the process. Shipping is not without risk, so it is strongly advised that you pack your bottle with great care, and be sure that you are insured against damage or loss in transit (most couriers in NZ offer such a service). Address the parcel to: Whisky Galore Auctions, 834 Colombo Street, Christchurch, 8013 NZ, Please note that we are open 9:30am- 6pm weekdays.

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